Safe Practices

Personal safety and well being is a priority when meeting anyone. Consider this advice in order to keep safe beyond the network.

Staying Safe Online

On top of following our Community & Safety Guidelines, we advise that you take extra precautions when it comes to your interactions with other members in order to have a safe and positive experience. As you would meeting any stranger, never do anything you feel unsafe doing until you achieve a comfortable level of mutual trust.

1. Keep interactions on the platform for as long as you need.

In the early stages of communication, chatting through The Courtship Network is the safest way to interact where you have the ability to send reports of anything goes sour. Only when you feel as though the other person is genuine, honest and trustworthy should you consider taking the conversation to other messaging apps or phone.

2. Never send money or disclose financial information.

Under no circumstances should you ever ask or receive money on the platform. This is a clear violation of our guidelines and only puts yourself at a huge risk of exploitation. Any such requests should be reported immediately.

3. Exercise caution when giving personal information.

Guard your personal information diligently. Do not share sensitive details like your social security number, home or work address, and other specifics that could create and opportunity for dangerous or criminal behaviour from the person you are talking to. If you are a parent, exercise caution by limiting information about your children on your profile and during early conversations. Avoid using their names, school locations, or other details that may reveal their identity.

4. Use identity confirming methods of communication.

Once you are comfortable taking the conversation off The Courtship Network but prior to meeting in person, certain communication methods such as voice memos, voice calls or video calls are a great way to confirm someone is being genuine. If you are unsure of someone’s identity, do not advance the interactions until proof has been given. Be wary of anyone who tries to avoid presenting themselves on video or voice calls and be sure to report any suspicious behaviour.

Staying Safe in Person

5. Take your time and establish trust.

Invest time in getting to know the other person before moving conversations off the platform and ultimately deciding to meet in person. Get as much information as you can, make sure the other person has clearly shown through actions and behaviour, not just words, that they are trustworthy.

6. Start with public meetups.

 Choose populated, public venues for initial encounters, avoiding private locations like homes. If the other person insists on a private setting, do not proceed with the meeting. Local cafes, restaurants, public parks, shopping centers or community spaces are all solid choices. Remember to always trust your instincts.

7. Inform your support network.

 Share your plans with a trusted friend or family member, including the details of when and where you’ll be meeting. Keep your mobile phone charged and accessible throughout.

8. Maintain control of transportation.

 Ensure you have control over your transportation to and from the meeting point, allowing you the freedom to leave whenever you desire. If you’re driving yourself, consider having a backup plan such as a ride-share app or a friend who can provide a ride.

9. Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol or any other substance that will interfere with your ability to think clearly should be avoided. Decline any offers for drinks that will exceed your comfort level and keep sober for optimal judgement and alertness.

10. Keep an eye on your drinks and belongings.

 Stay vigilant about the source and whereabouts of your beverages, accepting only those directly served by bartenders or servers. Be cautious of substances that can be secretively added to drinks. Keep personal items such as your phone, purse, wallet, and anything containing personal information with you at all times.

11. Trust your instincts.

 It’s perfectly acceptable to call things off if you feel uncomfortable. In fact, it’s encouraged. If you sense something is amiss or feel unsafe, leave or seek assistance from friends, members of the public or workers.

12. Communicate consent and consider abstincence until marriage.

As you progress through the phases of courtship, romantic bonds will grow closer and sexual inclinations will start to come to the surface. This should be managed in accordance to your personal boundaries and we strongly advocate for abstinence until marriage. God’s word is designed to protect our spirits, so be wise when it comes to these urges.

We hope you don’t experience any issues in this regard, and if you follow these steps it is unlikely to happen. We take your safety seriously and ask that you always keep these points in mind both on and off the platform. Your well being is valued highly and we will strive to keep our community safe.

It is your responsibility to exercise caution and use common sense when interacting with others online. We cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, or reliability of user profiles or the information shared by users, nor can we take responsibility for their actions, behavior, or intentions.

Therefore, The Courtship Network is not liable for any personal harm, injury, or damages that may occur as a result of meeting someone through our platform. 

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